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Hell of the Marianas Century Bike Race began in 2007 by Pacific Island Club. It has since become a signature athletic event attracting pros from all over the world and is now managed by Northern Marianas Cycling Federation . It is a 100KM race starting and ending at the Marianas Resort and Spa. 


Long Course (100km)

Short Course (50km) – Road & MTB


Pro/Elite, Age Group (Male and Female)

Registration opens May 15, 2023.

Registration Fee: $60

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Registration closes:Saturday, November 25, 2023 12:00 (GMT+10)

3 teams triumph in Hell of the Marianas

Jacob’s Bake Shop & BBQ was numero uno with a time of 02:46:29.

The King-Villafuerte Team of Avel Villafuerte and Ronald King finished second, clocking in at 02:49:38 while third place went to Ferdz Licayan and Napoleon R. Solis of Team Joy Ride with a time of 02:57:32.

View the full article from the Marianas Variety below:

127 join Hell of Marianas Century Cycle Race

“This year’s Hell of The Marianas is a reboot following the cancellation of last year’s event after Super Typhoon Yutu, and we are satisfied with the turnout,” said MVA managing director Priscilla M. Iakopo. “The fact that we had bikers from 11 countries shows there is awareness and interest in the event, which we will continue to build on in partnership with the NMI Cycling Federation.”

View the full article from Saipan Tribune below:

Nadeau wins Hell of the Marianas

Nadeau said she was impressed with the turnout for this year’s race, which included six pro elite female riders. In addition to Nakahara and Nadeau, the other pros were Livia Hasenova of Slovenia, Hiutun Tsang and Phobe Leung of Hong Kong and Kylie Jill Adair of Australia.

Check out the full article from the Guam Daily Post here:

Pros Conquer Hell of Marianas

Professional riders lived up to expectations as Russian national champion Alexandre Bagenov ruled the grueling 3rd Annual Hell of the Marianas Century Cycle on Saturday and former Olympian Amber Halliday topped the women’s division.

Bagenov, who races for an Italian pro cycling team, completed the tough 100-kilometer event in three hours, three minutes and 25.88 seconds, just less than two minutes shy off the Hell record of 3:02.22.62 posted by Saipan’s Eli Torgeson last year. Torgeson was the winner of the first two editions of Hell, but could not make it a three-peat this year as he left the island late last year.

With Torgeson gone, focus for the weekend’s race was concentrated on Russian pros, a couple of Korean and Japanese riders, and the Australian pro Halliday.

Halliday was the third overall finisher of the race and first in the women’s division, besting last year’s runner-up Chiyo Lombard of Guam and home bet and 2008 champion Mieko Carey.

Halliday, who competed in the rowing competition in the Olympics and World Championships before switching to cycling last year, submitted 3:13:20 in last weekend’s race to shatter Carey’s record (3:28:05). Lombard timed in at 3:22:24 to complete the Top 3 in the women’s division.

In the men’s division, rounding out the Top 3 were Russia’s Eugeniy Smarchkov (3:03:26) and Korea’s Hwan Geol Lee (3:14:00).

‘Hell of a race’

Bagenov had been to tough races in the past, such as the Russian National Championships and UCI-sanctioned races, and admitted the weekend event was among the list.

“The name (of the race) fits it,” Bagenov said through an interpreter.

It was come-from-behind win for Bagenov, who was trailed by countryman Smarchkov in the first 50-km of the race before the former caught the latter past Aqua Resort Club.

The two Russian riders accompanied each other going up to Radar Tower and then enjoyed cruising the scenic and historic sites of island, such as the Suicide Cliff, Bird Island, Grotto, and Banzai Cliff.

A few meters away from the finish line loop, the two Russian riders held hands, congratulated each other, and then raised their arms when they entered the loop en route to the finish line. Smarchkov seemed headed for the finish line first, but slowed down, and allowed his fellow pro to take the bragging rights.

“The plan was for us to stay close together, so we can help each other. It doesn’t matter who wins, as long as we are safe and we are together,” said Smarchkov, who was seen lending his bottle of water to Bagenov going down to the finish line after several tough climbs.

Smarchkov pulled away early, leaving the main pack, which included Halliday, Carey, and Bagenov, going to the airport road. He was still ahead heading down to Capital Hill after negotiating the long and zigzag road to Kingfisher Golf Links before Bagenov started to eat up his lead.

Perfect weather

After it rained for the past four days, the more than 100 riders were greeted with a bright and sunny weather on the race day.

“It was a perfect weather for a tough race,” Bagenov said.

“It was humid, but nonetheless, the weather was fine. When we went down to re-trace the course it just rained, so it was a bit difficult and I was worried it will rain on race day and we, especially the first-timers, will have a lot of problems. However, it turned to be a good race,” Halliday said.

“The only problem I had was I was sweating a lot. I usually race in a cool weather so this morning, I have to wipe my face and hands often and get a tight grip on my bars,” the Adelaide native said.

Halliday added pacing was also her concern.

“It was a long race with a lot of climbs, so if you will give most of your energy in the first part of the race, you will end up too exhausted going to the finish. What I did was kept pace with the main group, who had been into the same course, then slowly increased my speed going into the last 50 kilometers,” the Australian pro said.

Halliday, Carey, and Lombard were still in the main pack going up to Kagman from the backroad before the Australian pro pulled away when the climb to Radar Tower began. Halliday widened the gap going to the scenic spots in Marpi and then enjoyed a cruise along Beach Road back to the starting and finish line at the southern park of the Pacific Islands Club.

Credit: Roselyn Monroyo | Reporter – Saipan Tribune

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